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21 February 2008 @ 02:27 pm
Be cool, really cool  
Even before your baby is born, a diaper arrives on your doorsteps, courtesy of Pampers. Once he opend his eyes, his childhood will be a whilwind of logos and ads. School will be themed with endless commercials from sponsors. His heroes and role models will encourage him to buy products. By adolescence, he will have lost most of his original thoughts and emotions; he will look for cues from the marketers who have been with him from the begginnming of his life to decide how he is to look ,act and feel.


Cool usd to be about being. It was the soulful jazz singer, the spastic beat poet and the wandering rebal. It was something raw and electric that they epitomized - a spirtual sinew that became their creative drive.

Cool used to emphasize substansce over style. It wasn't abut listening to a type of music, watching certain films or having interesting things. It was about giving birth to an idea that would radically change our social, political and cultural constructs.

When corprations commodified cool they stole it's essence and turned it into something shallow and superficial - people no longer needed to be cool, they could simply buy it. To reconquer cool we must once again 'be cool'.


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