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09 August 2008 @ 04:08 pm
road trippin to alaska  
Ian and I broke down in Yukon, Canada yesterday while driving to Alaska. Bad news? It's skinhead/biker land. The people here are really hospitible, there's maybe 15 of us for 30 miles in all directions. There's a motel, bar, and gas station. pretty shweet choice of accomidations if ya ask me. This 47 year old, toothless, redneck, biker, named Sandi, took me on the back of his Harley. It was great, aside from the fact he kept trying to touch me and wouldn't stop saying nasty shit. We got back to the bar and got extremely shitty with his pregnent girlfrien, Loni, and my brother.

As Sandi got drunker, he proceeded to explain louder and louder how he was going to make me eat out his girlfriend, while he fucked me, and ian would video tape it. I feel gross here and i want to leave, but the car is broken untill we get the part shipped in, and are semi sober to work on it. i just wanna get drunk alone. im tired of listening to, no longer subtle, inuendos.
bright side? eh, im drinking fo free

Current Mood: frustratedfuckin strange