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10 November 2008 @ 04:56 pm
morphine for the more! fiend  
My soul feels thin and stringy. ive never had a full time job and this blows, especially since its working as a corporate whore. Im selling myself to the man, and as childish as it sounds, it hurts muthafucka! my manager just got surgery, pretty swheet deal for me in the end, seeing as i now have a steady supply of morphine at hand. With that said, i just snorted a pill and am about to jump in the shower, and go to bed. Just to wake up at 4am and call a taxi to get my broke ass to work. uah! this repetition with be the end of me, mark my words!

the guy in the apartment below me is beating his kid. and the sign at the church down the street says "democrats kill babies". Alaska's fucking nothing i can adequately explain. see it for yourself fo real. get yo broke ass's up her!

Gracie Baby is in england right now with Patrick, and i know they are having the time of their life. good thing. That girl, among everyone i know, deserves something good to go her way! Universe, reward that strong, ass-kickin worker, full time lover, hair dressing hottie, reptile crawlin rebel!

Hanz Von Korgell :)

Current Mood: calmdrugged